Lancescour 4: Meeting Room and Workshops

1st of Hematite, 125.

I am Ilral Amusewires, one of the seven musician dwarfs to found the outpost of Lancescour. led Our expedition to a forested area at the western base of the Tower of Escorts mountains was led by Olin Oiledspiraled. Kib Atticgrove and Morul Painteddie carved out the beginnings of our underground fortress. Zuntir Sidepages, Avuz Zenithsword, and Bomrek Mastercanyon gathered food, including fish, cranberries, potatoes, yams, and other vegetables. Great stacks of lumber line the edge of the mountain, cut down by Olin and me.

I demolished the wagon with my copper battle axe, adding the reusable ginkgo wood to our wood piles. Zuntir and I then gathered the yams, potatoes, cranberries, and prickle-berries from the nearby land to store in the upper level storage room. Bomrek joined us and explained some of the properties of different herbs and vegetables. We discovered Olin and Avuz asleep among the meadow grass, and we all had a chuckle. Those lovers spend a lot of time together; it’s good to see. It is a shame we all have to sleep on the grass,though; snoring in the rain is not a good time.

Morul dug out rooms on the lower floor for workshops and storage for materials. He also created a room on the same floor as a general meeting room. Even without furniture, it is a welcome change from leaning against the wagon in the rain. Zuntir and I were the first to spend time there. She talked at length about the herbalism Bomrek had told us about. She had a great time, but I found it boring. Thankfully, the two stray dogs joined us, breaking the monotony.

Stray horses and dogs in the meeting room; Kib and Morul dig out the workshops.

Once Morul, with some help from Kib, completed the workshop rooms, he built workshops for carpenters and masons with dark green gabbro stone. Avuz and Olin hauled wood and stone to the new workshop storage areas. I immediately set to making several wooden chairs, and Morul started making rock tables. We will soon have some places to sit in our new meeting room.

Our leader, Olin, has been walking around nervously rubbing his hands together. “It’s been so long,” he said. “Since I have been able to pray to The Chances of Distraction.” He told us a little about the deity of games. He then proceeded to get drunk. “You know, we’re the Crowded Tomb, here. The seven us. Seven musicians without any real future, cast out of our former home among The Maroon Helms. The Crowded Tomb, ugh, and without a single cup to drink this ale.”

Kib continued mining out a tunnel, finding kimberlite, orthoclase, and clear zircon. We’ll have a variety to choose from when making furniture, crafts, and jewelry. She said she’s hoping to create some individual bedrooms for us soon. With my novice carpentry skills, I plan on building beds for everybody as well. Olin tells me with I will get better with practice. Why can’t we just be good at skills immediately?