Introducing Bomrek Mastercanyon

15th of Felsite, 125.

Welcome back. I am Zuntir Sidepages, one of the seven founding dwarves of Lancescour. Today I’d like to introduce our jeweler-herbalist, Bomrek Mastercanyon. Last month, he turned 86 years of age. He traveled with us from the northern Still Spikes mountain region to the Tower of Escorts mountain region in the South. Though not that strong of a friend, he was always very friendly during the trip. However, he always went off by himself and shook his head while we were merrymaking.

In conversation with Bomrek, you’ll notice first his very deep voice. Then you note that he is very modest. He doesn’t talk much about himself, but has a great respect for the work of others. He admires talented artists and dreams of creating a great work of art himself someday.

Jewelry currently captures his interest, and he has a desire to work with silver and tiger iron to create something beautiful. I wouldn’t be surprised if he drew inspiration from the mountains he so loves. Which is probably why he worships Id, the Maroon Helms deity of mountains and caverns. Otherwise, the religion seems to hold little interest for him. His apparent lack of ambition will probably get in the way.

Settlement work has kept all of us busy. He has not had the chance to work with jewelry at all yet, beyond carrying gemstones out of the way while Kib dug our rooms and hallways into the mountain side. He’s been helpful to her during her work, though not actively participating himself. During the months at Lancescour, Bomrek has been more involved in gathering and examining plants, leading to a new interest in herbalism. Truth be told, he lacks intellect, so it may be a struggle.

He keeps his head shaved clean with a medium-length pale-taupe beard and mustache. His skin is the same dark brown as the rest of us, and wrinkled to show his age. The mustache stays neatly combed and the beard in double-braids. They both show flecks of gray that match his slightly wide-set slate gray eyes. His beard covers a round chin, and above his mustache pokes an upturned nose. His ears are short.

Bomrek wears a natural brown dingo leather dress with giant-cave-swallow leather trousers. Over this he wears a white cave-spider silk robe covered by a midnight blue llama wool cloak, with the robe’s hood pulled over a white cave-spider silk cap. Upon his feet, brown sheep leather shoes sit over gray alpaca wool socks. He wears brown pond-grabber leather gloves under midnight-blue sheep wool mittens.

Basically, he just wants everybody to get along and for things to stay nice and quiet. He values leisure time, freedom, and the law. I believe he looks forward to Lancescour being a quiet fortress where he can sit back, drink some date wine, and sing The Barricade Fortress in The Sparkle of Lace musical form.