Introducing Kib Atticgrove

15th of Hematite, 125.

Hello, This is Zuntir Sidepages with another introduction to a citizen of Lancescour. Today we’ll meet Kib Atticgrove. She is one of the most likable dwarves I have ever met. Her contributions to our new home have been tremendous, as she has completed the vast majority of the mining work. She has provided us with rooms in the mountain side and below. Thanks to her, we have a large storage room, a meeting room, a set of rooms for workshops and material storage for the workshops, stairs leading up and down, and a future trading post. Also, thanks to her, we have a wealth of stone and gems from which to build furniture and other crafts.

Kib Atticgrove was born on the 9th of Sandstone in 39, making her almost 86 years old. She is very agile for somebody half her age and incredibly smart with a good memory. As a member of our traveling musicians, it became apparent that she actually has little natural inclination toward music. She is simply an adequate singer and seems OK with wind instruments; even then, I may be being a little kind. It’s hard not to be; everybody loves her.

Her poetry displays a wonderful talent, and she performs it competently. Her real skill didn’t show itself until we’d arrived, and we all learned what a talented miner she is. Kib really seems to have love and respect for everybody and the work they do. Not only that, but she loves a good party and just generally enjoys merrymaking. As pleasant as her personality can be, it can be a bit overbearing at times. She draws the line at trade and commerce, which she finds disgusting. She also thinks sacrifice is wasteful and foolish. Once she has formed her opinion on something, then it is set in stone.

Kib’s face brings joy wherever she goes.  Her round chin forms the base of her bald head. She keeps her hair clean-shaven. Most likely she had pale taupe hair like the rest of us, as her skin is the same dark brown. Her slate gray eyes are bulging, making her short eyelashes all but invisible. Her ears are very short, peaking out like berries from the side of her head. In the center of her wrinkly face is a short, slightly upturned nose.

Her clothing resembles the rest of Lancescour, though with more of the distinctive midnight blue from dimple dye. She wears a giant-cave-spider silk dress, covered by a pig-tail robe and a giant-cave-spider silk cloak with a hood and a sheep wool cap. These are all midnight-blue. Her pig-tail trousers and gloves are natural gray. Over these, however, she wears midnight-blue giant-cave-spider silk mittens. Upon her feet are midnight-blue giant-cave-spider silk shoes, under which she wears midnight-blue pig-tail socks. She’s usually seen carrying her copper pick, ready to go mining.

Like most of us from The Maroon Helms, she loves the words of the poetic riddle, The Barricaded Fortress. She also enjoys the Silken Luxuries, a melancholy march that we’d frequently hear at marches up north. During our journey, she also spoke a few times about the Intricacy of Flowers, a sacred group dance accompanied by the soft music of the devotional Sparkle of Lace form. She also has a thing for Amethyst Men, which as far as I know, she made up. If they even exist, I doubt she’s ever seen one. Still, you can’t deny a single 86-year-old woman her fantasies.