Introducing Ilral Amusewires

15th of Galena, 125.

Welcome to Lancescour. My name is Zuntir Sidepages, and today I’d like to introduce my very dear friend Ilral Amusewires. He traveled with us from the north as one of the founding dwarves of Lancescour. He, Avuz Zenithsword, and I became close during the journey. A couple months ago, he became our carpenter and built many of our chairs, beds, and doors. A group of migrants brought with it two more carpenters. They work all the time, so he really hasn’t met either of them yet. Ilral values leisure time but has a sense of loyalty and duty that keeps him working.

For clothing, he wears much made of pig-tail like the rest of us. His trousers are alpaca wool. His dress of sheep wool. He wears a pig-tail coat, cloak, hood, and cap; he pulls sheep wool mittens over his cave-spider silk gloves. And cave-spider silk shoes over pig-tail socks. Nearly everything he wears is the midnight blue distinctive of dimple dye. The only exceptions are the cloak is the natural gray of pig-tail and the shoes are the natural white of cave-spider silk. He nearly always has his copper battle-axe with him, which he used during the first couple months to chop down trees for lumber.

Spend some time with Ilral in conversation and you’ll learn he has a very good creative spirit and a natural inclination toward language. He remembers everything and has a good sense of intuition. His attention wanders, though, and it’s difficult for him to stay focused. It makes the idea of taking time to master a skill repulsive to him, but he admires those who put in the effort.It’s also difficult for him to keep his living space and work areas organized. He celebrates artisans and artists, and dreams of creating a great work of art. He values commerce, martial powers, and has a great respect for the law. Still, he’s all about partying and merrymaking.

Ilral shares my faith in Babin as a member of The Denomination of Morals. Truth be told, he does not practice or seem to really care about religion. He can converse on the subject and basically agrees with the precepts on death and justice, but that’s it. He grew up around it, but didn’t take to it. Like most of us, he enjoys the tale of the necromancer Reg Twigcanyon acquiring the legendary slab Safetyshield and learning the secrets of life and death. He sees it as a work of fiction. I think it’s probably true. Avuz, however, believes strongly.

A curious thing about Ilral is his fascination with goblins. He particularly likes their terrifying features. Still, he detests blood gnats, so he’s not that strange. He just generally likes gems, bolts, and greaves. He also likes alabaster, trifle pewter, red diamond, penguin leather, and the color heliotrope. He loves water buffalo cheese, chicory, river spirits, oat flour, and sunberry seeds. He also really likes poems in the form of The Mother of Sheens, which is recited annually at The Festival of Banners in what remains of the northern fortress of Helmedpolish in the Still Spikes mountains.

He can be stubborn at times, but he’s a good friend.

- Zuntir Sidepages