Lancescour 6: Start Carving out Bedrooms

1st of Galena, 125.

Welcome to Lancescour, southern outpost founded by seven dwarves of the northern Maroon Helms. We established our small settlement in the Tower of Escorts mountains. I am Ilral Amusewires, Carpenter, Poet and Drummer. Our expedition leader, the herbalist and singer Olin Oiledspiraled, recently declared our local government, such as it is, to be named The Crowded Tomb. Much of our fortress has been dug out by two singers and wind-instrumentalists: the miners Kib Atticgrove and Morul Painteddie. Our woodcrafter Bomrek Mastercanyonis also a competent singer and wind-instumentalist. My friends Zuntir Sidepages and Avuz Zenithsword catch and clean fish. Since Avuz has become romantically involved with Olin, she’s developed an interest in herbalism.

About a month ago, we were joined by seven migrant dwarves: woodworker Adil Postseer, bowyer Zan Sparktorches, carpenter Ubbul Tombsaction, peasant Reg Agesmines, teenage peasant Mosus Diamondtomb, doctor Muthkat Trotvaults, and Muthkat’s peasant husband Zefon Dyemobbed. They relaxed for a few days in our meeting room. They too came from the far north, making a long and tiresome journey from the heart of Maroon Helms. Once rested, they joined in the work, contributing greatly to the development of Lancescour.

Zefon and Reg carried rock tables and wooden chairs that Morul and I made. They arranged them in a large square around the center of the meeting room. Lancescour feels more like a real settlement with each passing week; It’s amazing what a difference some tables and chairs can make. And since Bomrek made wooden cups, we can even drink like civilized dwarves now. I do feel like I spend a lot of time making chairs and doors. I know it’s good for the whole fortress, but I really wish I could help somebody else sometimes.

The dwarves of Lancescour mine out a row of fourteen bedrooms in this Dwarf Fortress screenshot
The dwarves of Lancescour mine out a row of fourteen bedrooms.

New arrival Ubbul Tombsaction and I built many beds in preparation for the bedrooms downstairs. He seems very cheerful and often laughs. I haven’t really gotten to know him yet, as the carpentry keeps us busy. I’d say he’s in his early 50s. He has dark brown skin and pale taupe hair like the rest of us. He keeps his side-burns medium-length and braided, which is somewhat unique around here. I know he’s a worshiper of Babin and seems to be a decent carpenter, though he doesn’t think so. It doesn’t seem like he has any friends yet, though I have seen him have brief conversations with the doctor Muthkat and her husband Zefon.

I have, however, met Zan Sparktorches, the bowyer. She is about 71 years old and has a very deep voice. It’s like thunder when she speaks, even when she’s giving such sweet compliments. Otherwise, we did not spend much time talking. I know she hates brown recluse spiders, but that’s about it.

Zan dug stairs down to a lower level, beneath the workshop floor, and began carving out fourteen individual rooms to become our personal bedrooms. Olin and Avus might take a room together, and, of course, the doctor and her peasant husband might do the same. So that means we’ll have a couple extras just in case.

Continuing her digging, Kib found some silty clay just behind the room for our future trade depot. So now we have a potential area for farming. She then dug some more hallways and discovered some good spots. She stalled that project for something more important: a room for stills. Once that room was created, Avuz Zenithsword built two stills for brewing alcohol. Kib went downstairs to help Zan with the bedrooms, which are nearing completion. We’ll soon be moving into our own rooms.

- Ilral Amusewires