Lancescour 5: Seven Migrants Arrive

1st of Malachite, 125.

My name is Ilral Amusewires of the dwarven outpost Lancescour west of Spotted Towers. About four months ago, I arrived as part of a group of seven outcast musicians from The Maroon Helms. We’ve been digging our new home into the side of the base of a mountain. Only yesterday, a group of seven dwarves traveled in from the south-east and have been spending time in our small unfurnished meeting room, coarsely carved into the stone.

I’ve been making barrels for storing food and drink. The chestnut-colored cat with an ivory head and gold ears followed me around curiously as I worked. I feel more and more like a carpenter every day. Morul made stone tables for our meeting room. The light-brown cat with a chestnut colored head followed Kib around while she dug out more rooms. Kib mostly ignored the cat. Zuntir has been fishing, while Bomrek and Avuz continue to haul wood and stone to our workshop storage rooms. It must be very tiring, as I once caught Bomrek sleeping on the floor in the storage room.

We’ve all been sleeping on the hard stone floor. It’s terribly uncomfortable, but better than being unprotected in the wet grass getting rained on. Olin continues to walk around uneasy about not being able to pray to The Chances of Distraction, and I think it disrupts his sleep. He keeps asking when we’ll set up an area for worship. I feel bad for him, but he’s the only one worried about it as of yet. The rest of us would like to have some cups to drink out of, chairs to sit on, and beds to sleep on.

Bomrek built two craftsdwarf workshops, a mechanic’s workshop, and a jeweler’s workshop. That industrious dwarf has been a great help in getting us to where we want to be. Soon we’ll have those cups. And beds too. We continue to busily establish our home at Lancescour as something special. We may all be very new to this, but we’re making good progress.

And there, on the horizon to the southeast, we saw seven migrant dwarves headed our way. I They all seemed to be fairly normal-sized dwarves, with the exception of one tall and very fat dwarf with clean-shaven hair and a steel battle-axe in her hand. Another woman with a pick walked towards us with a duckling waddling hurriedly behind her. An old woman and a middle-aged man walked arm in arm, apparently lovers. They appeared to have brought a gosling with them.

A man with very long braided hair and a mustache led the group. And following behind were a middle-aged woman with a ponytail and a young teenager, who repeatedly tripped over her extremely long hair. They all wore similar clothes to our own: mostly leather and wool, with some dyed midnight-blue. And very last, a tiny peachick followed like a lost puppy.

It looks like we’ll need more beds than we’d originally thought.

 - Ilral Amusewires