Introducing Avuz Zenithsword

Hello again. I am Zuntir Sidepages and I’m writing descriptions of the characters around this new outpost of Lancescour. Today, I’ll provide an introduction to my good friend Avuz Zenithsword. She is one of the seven founding dwarves of Lancescour and currently works as our fish cleaner. I catch them and she cleans them. Admittedly, she not that good at her job yet, but none of us really are.

She knows that we all get better with practice and has voice great respect for putting in the work to develop a skill. As a great example, she’s a very competent singer and her deep voice often leads the songs. She is also a competent speaker, which I knew took courage to develop. She rarely asserts herself in regular conversation and when she speaks she has difficulty with her words. Even as her friend, I know she struggles with social relationships. Her friends know that she values their friendship and that she has a wonderful sense of humor.

She worships Babin, the Maroon Helms deity of justice and death, same as Ilral and me. Avuz takes it a bit more seriously than either of us though. She shares this dedication to religion with our expedition leader Olin Oiledspiraled; Perhaps this is why they’ve become such good friends so quickly, even if they worship different gods.

Avuz was born 2nd of Galena in 39, making her 86 years old. Her hair grows pale taupe; but ever since it started to show fleck of gray, she has kept it clean-shaven. She has a very round chin leading up to her slightly flattened very short ears. Around her protruding gray eyes, her dark brown skin has started to show some wrinkles.

She wears an Alpaca wool dress covered by a llama wool robe and a pig tail cloak and hood.. A cave spider silk cap sits upon her head, covered by the pig tail hood. Underneath these, she wear Yak leather trousers. Her hands stay warm under sheep wool gloves and pig tail mittens. Dimple dye casts most of her clothing in a midnight blue. The exceptions are her trousers retain their natural brown, the clock and hood are their natural gray and her cap is the natural silk white.

I’ve known Avuz for a long time and I know that her dream is to someday create a masterwork. I’m not sure yet of what kind, and I’m not sure she does either. It may be poetry; She was always a fan of the poetic riddle “The Barricaded Fortress” about Ekast. She’s also a fan of dances to melancholic Silken Luxuries, especially the circle dance of The Veneration of Euphoria. That always seemed strange to me, since she finds people who fight to be distasteful; but she also has a love of long swords, so who knows?

 - Zuntir Sidepages