Introducing Olin Oiledspiraled

22nd of Granite, 125.

I am Zuntir Sidepages of the newly founded dwarven outpost of Lancescour. My close friend and fellow musician-settler Ilral Amusewires started writing a log of our settlement. In addition to his work, I would like to provide some short descriptions of our citizens. I’m not at all a private person, and I do not mind sharing details about myself and others. I’ll try to respect other’s needs for privacy, but I can’t guarantee I’m very good at it.

Let’s begin with Olin Oiledspiraled, our expedition leader. He worships The Chances of Distraction, The Salves of Lulling’s god of games. Our group of seven musicians are rather outcasts of the Maroon Helms settlements to the north, which were near many of the settlements of The Salves of Lulling. Still, I find it interesting that our leader belongs to the religion of another culture rather than worshiping Babin, god of Death of Justice, of our own civilization. I’m not that strict in my worship, but Olin seems to be.

At 82, he is older than most of us, but fairy average in size. He skin is a dark brown and slightly wrinkled. His long pale-taupe hair grows gray; he keeps it tied in a pony tail. His mustache is very long and his very long double-braided beard hides a deeply recessed round chin. His narrow slate gray eyes appear to have almost no eyelashes.

As for clothing, he wears midnight blue spider silk trousers, naturally-brown cow leather dress. Over this he wears a midnight blue llama wool coat, further covered by a brown cave-bear leather cloak. Upon his head is a midnight blue pig-tail cap and a gray pig-tail hood. He wears a pair of brown turkey leather gloves covered by a pair of brown reindeer leather mittens. His gray pig-tail shoes are pulled over a pair of midnight blue llama wool socks. He carries a copper battle-axe that he uses to chop down trees.

Olin is very flimsy and seems to have a weak immune system. His patience also is not very strong, nor is his ability to focus or remember things. Some of us joke occasionally about his poor memory, but that’s because he seems to hold it against us if he can’t remember something any of us said. I get the feeling he doesn’t trust as that much, even if he seems to like us. One gets the sense he wishes he could do all of this himself. Still, he often speaks of value of friendship and seems to have great respect for artists, even if he lacks creativity. He also praises the value of hard-work and practice to develop skills and talents.

Certainly, he’s not above merrymaking, but preaches the importance of moderation and self-control. Unfortunately, he has no respect for skills in fighting, so hopefully we collectively have no need for that in the immediate future. Overall, he’s been a good leader, but a group of musicians aren’t necessarily cut out for founding an outpost, so we might not be the best judge of character here.

 - Zuntir Sidepages