Lancescour 10: Medical Chief Muthkat Trotvaults

1st of Moonstone, 125.

I am Ilral Amusewires, one of seven founding dwarves of the dwarf fortress Lancescour. We learn as we go, but after eight months, we seem to be doing OK. The liaison from Severemirror, Dastot Twistlances, continues his vacation in our temple. Kib Atticgroove excavates future workshop and storage space. Zan Sparktorches details floors and walls of our main entrance hall. She also assists Kib in creating the workshop rooms. I’ve mostly been carrying things to storage. I managed to make a wooden bucket, but I don’t really feel like I get much opportunity to really help. Unib Graspingpaddles devoted much time to finishing the walls and floors of our temple. Our expedition leader, Olin Oiledspiraled, has really taken to brewing drinks from the fruits and vegetables gathered outside. Everybody appreciates his work.

Many of us appreciate the works of Bomrek Mastercanyon. He’s been crafting bracelets, amulets, and other items with great skill. I am now wearing a well-crafted olivine bracelet on my left hand. Earlier this week, I saw Asmel Gorgebronze admiring a gabbro bracelet on his right hand. Unib Graspingpaddles may have acquired a similar bracelet as well.

About two weeks ago, Muthkat Trotvaults found a finely-crafted crown made of pecan wood in the mass of stuff in the storage room. It is a light brown color with reddish-brown lines running straight up and down like stripes. I’m not sure who made it, but it was likely Bomrek Mastercanyon. She lowered the crown upon her head regally and then slowly marched through the workshops. “I am the Chief Medical Dwarf of Lancescour!”

Olin stepped out of his manager’s office and nodded. “There’s an empty office next to the bookkeeper Zuntir’s office, you can have it.” She marched on to the vacant office and sat on the gabbro throne before her new empty granite table. So, we do not have any medical facilities, but we have a chief medical officer. She’s already proposed we build a hospital, but Olin said we have more urgent concerns. Let’s hope he’s right.

Ubbul Tombsaction adopted the blue peachick that originally arrived with him half a year ago. This skinny young bird has stripped brown feathers and thoughtful black eyes. He calls her Ral Lertethlibash, which means Silver Tangled-Axe. He’s quite happy with her company. I saw him pat the upright tuft on top of her head and say, “Lertethlibash, the quest for knowledge never ends!” She will surely grow up a wise peahen.

Screenshot from Dwarf Fortress showing one dwarf by a brook.
Young dwarf Mosus Diamondtomb fishing all by herself in the rain.

I worry about Mosus Diamondtomb. She’s a younger dwarf that arrived with the first group of migrants back in Hematite. I understand she’s about 13 years old and a kind of clumsy. She didn’t arrive with many skills, but she has quickly developed a talent for fishing. Sometimes, I see her sitting in the rain by the brook, catching fish and looking forlorn. I’ve heard her talk about missing relatives from back home, mostly cousins. She apparently has some training in music composition and can play drums and wind instruments. I haven’t seen her do it, but I have overheard her humming to herself.

Overall, things are going well at Lancescour. More experienced dwarves might have made better progress, but I think we’re going to get by.

-- Ilral Amusewires